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Faces and places provided by our visitors,
and from the collection of Nigel Saul 

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Dave Wilson

 Jack Smith

Former Drayman Dave Wilson, of Quebec Street , photo supplied by Tony Mitchell..jpg

Former Drayman Dave Wilson, of Quebec Street ,
photo supplied by Tony Mitchell

Mrs June Saul

George Winder

Mrs June Saul, from the Hartleys Office in the 1980's-1.jpg
Rachel Smiths Uncle John, right,  at Hartleys in the 70's.jpg

Mrs June Saul, from the Hartley's
Office in the 1970s and 80s

George Winder, subject
of  posts by his son Paul
in our project blog

On the right of this photo from the 70's is Ulverston
resident Rachel Smith's Uncle Jack.

 W. Bayliff?

 Steve Atkinson, Colin Snaith, Stuart Boyd,
Dan Birtwistle, Colin Bell and Joss Pelter.

A posed photo from the 1940's, we are assured, from Eric Simpson's scrapbook.jpg

A posed photo, we are assured, from the 1940s.
From Eric Simpson's scrapbook, and provided 
by  Joyce  Wilding

On the right, left for collection by an anonymous source in the Hope And Anchor,  this clipping from the North West Evening Mail includes our interviewee Steve Atkinson  and many of whom are featured in the  Hartley's Last Brew video, which you can watch on our Video page.

Provided by an anonymous source in the Hope And Anchor..jpg

A Selection of faces from the collection of  Nigel Saul. 


Heading 2

Bob Fawcett, cleaning the Hartley's Copper.                                      On the Right, Dan Birtwistle in the Mash Tun


Fred Jackson.                                                                                                                     Alan "Buck" Graham, adding finings.

p9 copy.jpg

Tony Doyle, "Alf" Atkinson, Graham Pierce, and                         Ken Pelter. 
Steve Gilpin, under the office windows.                                                                                                                   

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p8 copy.jpg

Roy Snaith, Fred Jackson and Vic Parkinson  in the                     Colin Snaith.                                                                                                              Tea Tea Room.

page5 copy.jpg

Roy Snaith and Ken Pelter,                                                                                Jim Jackson, marking up temperatures.
near the Clock-on.                                                                                                                 

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